The thought of dating makes me feel excited, nervous, and weird all at the same time. If God wills it, I will find Mr. Right one day. However, here are my three main reasons why I’m holding off dating in the meantime.

1.) I have really high expectations. I will not settle for just any guy in a relationship. When I date, I’ll be looking at the man in front of me as a potential husband. My criteria is important to me. I will not date for the sake of dating or to feel like I belong.

2.) My time is limited. With entering my junior year of college, an internship, babysitting, and extracurriculars all to look forward to, I definitely won’t have the energy to balance a relationship in the mix. I have other more important priorities to juggle at this stage of my life.

4.) I’m simply not ready. After I graduate and begin making a living for myself, I feel that I will have established a greater level of independence, sense of self, and maturity to seriously date. But until then, I will continue to study and prepare for the life ahead of me.

I don’t think that dating or marriage should be a hurried matter for anyone. Take your time, treasure the opportunities in front of you, and let God be your navigator. After all, he knows us better than we know ourselves. Take care.