For my freshman year of college, I was so nervous about whom I would room with and whether we’d get along. Luckily, I was blessed with an amazing young lady to room with! We met each other during a spring welcome bash for high school seniors, communicated with each other via Facebook during the summer, and signed paperwork to be freshman roommates before the fall semester.

Your dorm is basically your home-away-from-home. It should be livable, comfortable, and welcoming. Part of that equation is having an awesome roommate to accompany you (unless, of course, you are one of the lucky few who gets a dorm all to yourself). So, a roommate can truly make or break your college-living experience. Whether you’re looking for a compatible roommate or already have someone in mind, these vital questions will give you both insight about whether rooming together is a good idea. The more you have in common, the easier living together will be.

1.) Are you a morning person or night owl? It won’t do anyone much good if one of you is trying to sleep and the other is watching Netflix at 2AM.

2.) How organized or messy would you consider yourself? If you consider yourself a  neat freak, a sloppy roommate will give you a heart attack. 

3.) Do you plan on studying mostly in the dorm? If so, your dorm should be a sanctuary of silence and concentration.

4.) What music do you like listening to? Classical and punk rock don’t really jive together.

5.) Do you see the dorm as a social space or a private place? Unless you set specific days and times for socialization in your room, it will be hard to find that middle ground.

6.) Do you like to party? This one is pretty straight-forward.

7.) Do you smoke? Technically, smoking isn’t allowed period in the dorms or at all on smoke-free campuses. Just saying.

8.) Outgoing or introverted? You don’t want a roommate who talks your head off if you want peace and quiet; or one who would rather not talk at all when you must converse with someone. It gets awkward and frustrating.

9.) Does music or silence help you study? Keeping in mind that both of your do homework in your dorm, having similar study habits will be extremely helpful.

10.) Do you snore? There’s nothing wrong about snoring if you can both sleep through it. If not, this could be an issue.

11.) What time do you see yourself waking up and going to bed around? Being on a similar schedule with your roommate keeps away any early-morning or late-evening surprises. 

12.) What larger appliances are you intending on bringing (TV, refrigerator, vacuum, etc.)? There is no need to bring two of everything. You can learn to share. Plus, your dorm room only has so much floor space.

13.) What are some of your pet peeves? It’s good to cover what gets on their nerves and how to prevent those things from happening.

14.) How often will you go home on the weekends? This isn’t a deal-breaker question, but it can give you insight about how often you’ll have the dorm to yourself…which could  either be reliving or depressing for you.

15.) What are your likes, interests, passions, concerns, etc.? Like I’ve mentioned several times before, having many commonalities will help you two keep the peace and get along well.

16.) Do you have a boyfriend? If so, how often and how long will he visit? Am I going to be kicked out of the dorm during those times?

17.) What student life organizations to do you see yourself participating in? It would just be nice to know if you’re interested in the same activities.

18.) How do you feeling about sharing things? Yes, you may share my fridge. No, you may not eat my ice cream.

19.) What are some ground rules we need to set as roommates? Forming rules creates boundaries and routine for both parties to follow. What chores is each person responsible for? What time is “lights out”? When can friends come over?

20.) Is there anything else I should know about you that would be important for me to know as a roommate? Are you scared of the dark? Allergic to any foods or medications? Do you own a car? Any health conditions?

21.) What classes are you taking? Roommates that study together, stay together.

This list will be your best friend for selecting an awesome roommate! Best of luck.