Let’s say you’re one of those people who say you “don’t like to read”. The thought of getting through an entire novel is absolutely daunting to you. In fact, you might even stun yourself if you survive reading this blog post word-for-word. 😉

I’m going to share a little secret with you: For a long time, I didn’t like to read either.

It’s true, LeFou. On my own time, I could never sit down for hours and read about dragons, buried treasurers, mysterious kidnappings, etc. And, I still can’t read those kinds of books to this day . . . and I honestly don’t believe I ever will. But, that’s okay.

That’s when it occurred to me that I don’t like reading things that everyone else seemed to enjoy. In order to be drawn towards a book, I needed an easy-to-read, emotionally and action-packed story that taught incredible life lessons, demonstrated personal growth, and made me a more empowered, inspired person. This is everything “The Walk” series has to offer.

Although this series is not based on a true story, it could certain take the form as one. There are five books that make up the series. I have already read three of them. Without giving away too much information about the plot, I’ll leave you with this. A very rich, successful ad-man goes from having all he could ever imagine to losing everything in one fell swoop. Imagine losing your closest relationships, dream job, possessions . . . everything. That’s what happened to Alan Christoffersen.

Feeling completely hopeless and not knowing what to do with the rest of his life, he takes it upon himself to sojourn from Seattle, Washington to Key West, Florida to leave behind his past and search for what opportunities lies ahead. He meets some awe-inspiring people and runs into nifty sights on his walk like Yellowstone National Park and Mount Rushmore. You get to hear some crazy stories from stranger’s lives, see incredible friendships form, and gain a plethora of wisdom understanding the struggles and triumphs these individuals carry. You feel sad, distraught, determined, loved, excited, curious throughout the journey.

In a way, I’ve learned from this series that we all carry heavy baggage over our backs – our struggles, worries, problems, bad habits, broken relationships, heartache, etc. But, unless we learn to pick ourselves up and press forward in this crazy world, we will forever be zipped shut from enjoying what life has to offer. This is what this series is made of. I encourage you to be a part of the adventure.