Disney College Program | The Web-Based Interview – Advice and Tips

After submitting your DCP application, the next step is to wait for Disney recruiters to send you an email to complete the Web-Based Interview (WBI). The Disney College Program is a selective process, so not all applicants are guaranteed to move forward to this second phrase. 

What is the Web-Based Interview (WBI)?

The WBI is a series of timed personality and situational questions to determine whether or not an applicant has the Disney Cast Member “It” factor. This second stage is a crucial step that determines whether or not an applicant moves forward to the phone interview.

According to the Disney Careers email I received prior to completing my WBI, the instructions were listed as such:

“There are two (2) sections to the interview. You will be asked two types of questions. Some are multiple-choice and some ask you to rate items on a 1-to-5 scale.

The interview is timed. If you do not answer a question in the allotted time, the interview will proceed to the next question. Choose the response that best describes you. Do not hurry through the questions.”

Web-Based Interview Advice, Tips, and Things Disney Doesn’t Tell You

From thorough research prior to completing my WBI to physically this portion of the DCP process, I have listed a number of helpful information that will be vital for anyone wanting to do well on the WBI.

  • Some of the questions will list answer choices that range from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. Don’t be lukewarm by choosing “somewhat agree (disagree)” or “neutral”. Disney likes to see that you have a strong opinion on who you are, what you believe, and what you would do in given situations. If you are punctual, put “strongly agree”. Don’t question yourself. 
  • At the same time, you need to consider what Disney is looking for in a Cast Member. Disney seeks to hire the best of the best. These Cast Members should be polite, punctual, positive, outgoing, hardworking, guest-oriented, and focused on safety among other characteristics. If you know that marking down an option CLEARLY goes against what Disney is looking for (e.g. “I am always punctual” being marked as strongly/somewhat disagree), your chances of receiving a phone interview are slimmer. 
  • At the same time, DON’T LIE! Be honest with yourself . . . just not TOO honest. For example, maybe during a couple days you’ve worked at a previous job, you were so tired of dealing with customers or coworkers. But, most days, you enjoy helping and interacting with others. We all experience those less-than-happy work days, but don’t let one or two small setbacks shift your “strongly agree” to “neutral” when answering if you enjoy working with guests and coworkers, for example.
  • KNOW YOURSELF BEFOREHAND! Are you outgoing or quiet? Do you enjoy working with others or prefer to be independent? Are you responsible? Timely? Enthusiastic? 
  • Don’t psych yourself out on the questions and what answers you choose. Most of the WBI questions need to be answered within 20 seconds. Answer what describes yourself keeping Disney in mind and move on. It’s OKAY if you accidentally miss the 20-second time frame for one or two questions. I’m a slow reader and very meticulous in my responses, so the WBI honestly pushed me to not spend too much time thinking about which choice to pick. I still missed a couple questions but passed the interview. Just don’t miss too many!
  • BE CONSISTENT with your answers!!! Many questions will be variations of other questions that were asked before. For example, “I’m never late to work” and “I consider myself to be a punctual person” should have the same responses. “I love interacting with people” and “I am outgoing” should have the same responses. If you’re inconsistent among similar questions, you’re dissimilar responses will seem kind of fishy to Disney recruiters.
  • Use the bathroom before you start the WBI. Have a glass of water beside you in case you get thirsty during this section of the DCP process.
  • Make sure you allow yourself roughly 40 minutes on a desktop computer or laptop with good wifi connection and away from distractions. Trust me. Disney will also recommend you to do this in the WBI email you’ll receive with instructions.

Know yourself and be yourself with Disney in mind. Make sure you have strong, consistent responses. Don’t freak out! Be prepared. Get excited. 🙂

Remember, there are thousands of applicants vying for the same opportunity to intern with the Disney College Program. Not everyone gets accepted on their first try. I’ve heard of some people finally getting accepted into the program by their third or fourth attempt. Even if this season isn’t in your favor, you should never give up on your dreams. Hard work and determination really do pay off in the end. 

I wish all of you aspiring Disney College Program participants the BEST of luck throughout your application and WBI process! If you have any questions for me, please comment down below! 

Take care, Disney pals.



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