In my previous two articles, I discussed the Disney College Program application and web-based interview stages. Assuming you have successfully passed both steps, the phone interview is your third and final stage to sell yourself as a potential DCP participant and future Cast Member!  Congratulations!

Lots of applicants–myself included–were extremely nervous preparing for the phone interview. Everyone feels jittery before undertaking something BIG. But, I am here to tell you that the phone interview is not bad! The Disney recruiters are super sweet and make you feel comfortable throughout the call.

The phone interview can last on average about 20-25 minutes. Some applicants may be interviewed for 15 minutes or up to half an hour. It all depends on how much time the recruiter has, whether he or she feels an adequate amount of information on an interviewee has been documented, and how much talking you do. My interview (with questions at the end) lasted roughly 28 minutes long. I had Nancy as my recruiter.

Below are some tips and tricks I recommend 100% before your phone interview occurs!

  • Do your research on the Disney College Program and the Walt Disney Company. You will impress your interviewer with your knowledge of the company whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • KNOW EXACTLY WHY YOU’D LIKE TO DO THE DCP. Many applicants are passionate about the Walt Disney Company. How will this opportunity help you professionally? What are you most excited for during the program? What are your goals? What makes you qualified as a Cast Member?
  • Look up typical interview questions that other DCP participants were asked during their phone interviews. Some blogs I would recommend for possible interview questions include The DCP Life, The Disney Den, and One Girl One Mouse! Questions may be general or role specific, so make sure you practice both! Also, check out interviewing advice from the official Disney Internships & Programs blog.
  • Jot down a couple points you want to touch for each question. Practice interview questions out loud but don’t over-rehearse or rely heavily on notes. You’ll want to sound natural yet professional.
  • PRACTICE interview questions. I highly recommend mock interviews! Give friends, parents, teachers, and others a comprehensive list of questions to randomly ask you. This will test your ability to answer on your feet and ask for advice on how to interview better!
  • Your phone interview may be conducted up to 15 minutes earlier or later that when it is scheduled for. When I had my phone interview scheduled for 10:00am, I had my phone ready to go from 9:45-10:15am.
  • Check and double check the TIME ZONE you select for your phone interview before confirming through email. I would advise allowing yourself at least an hour of free time to look over last minute questions and have adequate time for your call to begin and end. If you have a class or work that ends 15 minutes before your interview, you will feel rushed!
  • Make sure you use a reliable phone with a strong connection and charged battery. You don’t want to get disconnected in the middle of your interview! However, if that happens, Disney recruiters will call you back.
  • Although not for everyone, practice your interview standing in front of a mirror. This is what I did. The mirror will remind you to SMILE! 🙂 Also, you can tape your bullet points on either side of the mirror as quick references if you need them.
  • DRESS UP! This is an actual interview. Even though you are not face-to-face with a Disney recruiter, looking professional will help you FEEL professional and focused! I wore dress pants and a simple blouse for my interview.
  • Disney recruiting will call from a “restricted” number. Don’t be alarmed if that appears on your caller ID. That’s for you from Disney! 🙂
  •  WRITE DOWN YOUR RECRUITER’S NAME as soon as he or she introduces him or herself. Address your recruiter by his or her first name! People like to hear their name and will be impressed that you remembered!
  • SMILE! SMILE! SMILE! 🙂 This will positively affect the inflection of your voice and energy levels when speaking!
  • BE YOURSELF! Don’t give cliche answers that you think Disney recruiters want to hear. Let your Disney enthusiasm and love shine through and genuinely answer what’s from your heart! That will make a more memorable impression in the end.
  • Have a glass of water beside you in case you need a quick sip between questions.
  • If you want to record yourself from a video camera or laptop during your phone interview, then you’ll have a chance to review how you did. This will be a great resource for future interviews! You’ll have a chance to critically analyze what you did well and work on areas to improve.
  •  ASK QUESTIONS at the end of your interview that you have about the DCP! I would stay away from asked questions geared toward the recruiter (e.g. How did you get involved with the Walt Disney Company? ). They want to get to know YOU!
  • Thank your interviewer at the conclusion of the interview (using his or her first name 😉 )!
  • If you feel so inclined, you may send a “Thank you” email to your interviewer at for Walt Disney World for Disneyland with the subject line reading something along the lines of “Attention to ____________ – Phone Interview: Thank You”. It’s not required but may be nice to do.

In a different blog, I will share the personal questions I was asked by my interviewer and the questions I asked her!

Be prepared, practice, be yourself, smile, and ask questions!

GOOD LUCK! 🙂 I hope this blog has been insightful!