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50 Thoughts Every Person with Social Anxiety Experiences at an Event

If there was one thing I would change about myself, it would be eliminating my social anxiety. Every now and then, I enjoy catching up and spending time with friends. However, curling up in my room while journaling or surfing the web is always the more comfortable option for me than trying to make small talk with others.

Here is a more-or-less exaggerated (slightly-silly) scenario of what goes through a person’s mind when they experience social anxiety at a larger social function.

1.) I really don’t want to go to (insert party/event/gathering).

2.) But, there will be free food…

3.) That attractive guy might be there….

4.) Oh, but my bed and Netflix are so heavenly!!!

5.) Maybe, I’ll just slip in for 10 minutes, get my food, and leave.

6.) Yes, that sounds like a plan. *Goes into ninja mode*

7.) Gah, I don’t want to dress up!!! Pajammas are acceptable, right?

8.) No, I should wear that pretty dress in case attractive guy is there.

9.) Do I really NEED makeup? I’ll only be there for 10 minutes….

10.) Okay, I’m ready!!! Not really, but….


12.) Alright, so far I don’t recognize anyone….good because I really don’t want to talk to ANYBODY.

13.) I feel like I’m being watched and it’s REALLY freaking me out.

14.) OMGosh attractive guy is HERE!!!! Act natural…..

15.) Dang it, I look SOOO socially awkward. He’ll never ask me out.

16.) Okay, where’s the food, where’s the food???

17.) I really don’t want to look like a pig eating all these cookies and chips. NOBODY JUDGE ME!

18.) GASP, I see people I know….Don’t make eye contact!!!

19.) I love them, but I’m just NOT in the mood to talk. I hope they didn’t notice me avoiding them.

20.) I think I have a better relationship with food than people. That’s really sad.

21.) What’s wrong with me???

22.) There is literally NOTHING to do here expect for talking to people. I think I’ll just stick with eating.

23.) How long does this event last for anyways?

24.) I think I will go to the bathroom for a while.

25.) *Looks in the restroom mirror* I look like I just saw a ghost while running a marathon.

26.) Okay, I came, I ate, I conquered. Time to leave!

27.) Is it wrong for me to feel happy about this?

28.) I AM  mentally drained and tired.

29.) Okay, the coast is clear….RUN.

30.) Well, don’t RUN, but walk out quickly and with purpose.

31.) I’m almost out the door! Freedom at last!


33.) I can’t just look like I’m avoiding the world. Okay, I’ll talk for a little bit.

34.) I hate small talk that lasts forever….I don’t do small talk.

35.) I could be doing a lot more productive things right now.

36.) Wait, I think she/he is wrapping up the story.


38.) Whew, NOW I can say it’s time for me to leave.

39.) WHY do people always have to ask WHY I’m leaving??? It’s none of their business.

40.) I just want to stay in my bedroom and enjoy some alone time and peace.

41.) I don’t want to stay longer. I’ve already stayed 30+ minutes longer than I intended.

42.) Fine. I’ll stay for 10 more minutes. Then I’m leaving for real. I’m only doing this for you because I love you.

43.) Wait, where did all these other friends come from???

44.) I think I’m going to faint from social exhaustion.

45.) People are starting to leave! I guess the gathering is nearly over!


47.) I’m almost home! YAY!

48.) Whew, that was a long event.

49.) It WAS good to talk with my friends, though.

50.) Maybe I’ll just curl up in a ball and go to sleep now.


What other thoughts go through YOUR mind when you experience social anxiety?





I Don’t Support Same-Sex Marriage. Here’s Why.

I am not one to voice my opinion politically or religiously, but due to the exceptional occurrences recently, I feel obliged to share my part. Friday, June 26, 2015 marked a significant moment in history for the LGBT community. As a Christian and decent human being, I look to all my friends, family, and anyone I meet with love regardless of race, sexual orientation, and the like. This is to stick with God’s commandment to love one another as He loves us (John 15:12). I don’t HATE anyone – except the devil and sin. GOD doesn’t hate anyone – except the devil and sin. God is for us – not sin.

“Love” also does not necessarily equate to “support”. In fact, God tells us to “love” our enemies (Matthew 5:44). So, I’ll be kind and respectful to all but that doesn’t mean I’ll agree with everyone’s beliefs or practices. However, beliefs won’t make me love you any less as a person – only that I know my opinions and beliefs are different. I will still look out for you and treat you as a good friend and human being. This post is not meant to start arguments. I realize that my beliefs are SO against supporters of same-sex marriage. Many will look at me as a “bigot” and “homophobic”. My beliefs are outrageous according to several people. I get that.

Several will roll their eyes when I say that a strong conviction in the very roots of God’s Word expressed through the Catholic faith is the reason why I’m not for gay marriage. As a Roman Catholic, I believe the purpose of marriage is a loving bond between one man and one woman who are fully opened and accepting to the procreation of children. There, I said it. Simply put, God told Adam and Eve to be fruitful and multiply (Gen. 1:28). I find that the most fundamental reason for marriage is to create and nurture new life. The outward sign of marriage is children. It’s all about sacrifice – just like Jesus sacrificed for us. Same-sex marriage does not in any way promote this lifestyle.

I put God’s authority over man-made decisions. Love the sinner but dislike the sin. Again, I’m just one person with one opinion. But, what I believe is important to me. I’m entitled to my opinion and you are entitled to yours. I’ll still love you and treat you as a person, but that doesn’t mean we’ll support everything together.

Everyone deserves to be loved. However, being romantically involved with the same sex is another story. Attraction isn’t a sin. It’s when we apply those feelings towards lustful, fruitless actions that makes this attitude sinful. Find love through Jesus Christ.


Introvert Insight

It is no lie. I am an introvert. I don’t think there is anyone I know who wouldn’t consider me quiet, reserve, and introspective. In many cases, this is true but definitely not all the time. Sometimes, I feel like introverts are viewed in a less-than-positive way from the more outgoing crowd. It is a shame that we (on behalf of introverts) are easily misinterpreted as shy, antisocial, and even snotty. But, hopefully this article shows our side of the story. ­čÖé

1.) We over think things…a lot. It’s almost like we are living in a separate world where all of our thoughts just explode and evolve into millions of deep scenarios, which can lead to anxiety. We might be silent on the outside but our brains don’t seem to relax.

2.) We speak up when necessary. If we are passionate about something, there is no stopping us voicing our beliefs. If we have something significant to share with others, we will do it….and others are intrigued by what we have to say.

3.) We withdraw ourselves from social events for a breather. Introverts get exhausted when socializing with lots of people for a given amount of time. This includes shopping “sprees”, parties, and dances. We really do enjoy you and your company, but we also get overstimulated and it wears us out quickly.

4.) Bedrooms are safe havens. Returning to my bedroom or dorm is my escape from the noise and busyness taking away my energy. Peace and quiet is glorious, especially after a full day of school and work. We’ve been surrounded by others all day, so any free moments to ourselves are like mini vacations to rest and recover.

5.) We only have a handful of really close friends. We are friendly to all but confine our complete trust and troubles to a select few. This can even include family members. We select our friends wisely. These are the people who are lucky enough to see our wild, silly side.

6.) We could watch Netflix all day by ourselves and be perfectly content. Let’s face it. We pride our alone time. Lots of extroverts find that this can be lonely. We don’t mind though. We actually really enjoy it.

7.) We love people. We really do. We care about you, want the best for you, and love spending time with you. We just need more breaks to ourselves than the average person so we don’t get overwhelmed.

8.) We have nothing against extroverts. Honestly, we need people like you to remind us to let loose, have fun, and take chances in life. AND, you might need us if you are searching for a peaceful escape from life’s demands. We love naps, Netflix, food, reading, journaling, and thinking among other things. You are welcome to join us.

Signing off,


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